Olivet Theory’s Bad Advice Series: Chapter 4 – How To Argue With Your Wife

Some men and these are the veteran warriors I speak of, use this technique twice a week just to avoid an argument.

Here Is Why We Left Mill Creek Christian Assembly

“It’s so nice to finally have some color in this church. We’re happy to have you here.”

I Am A Neo-Evangelical: Here Is Why This Matters

Are you still an evangelical?

What is it like to be in a loveless relationship? 

Make Relationships Love-Filled Again.

My Top Ten Rules for Girl Dads (Or Soon To Be)

You’re soon to have your first daughter so you’re probably wondering what it is like to raise girls in the 21st century. Do girls grow apple branches out of their ears? Can they shatter glass when they raise their voice? Can girls fly?  And to anyone’s surprise, the answer can be yes to all three.Continue reading “My Top Ten Rules for Girl Dads (Or Soon To Be)”