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Race Riots: An American Heritage – Part I

Race riots are innate to the American experience. 


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The cult of the individual that dominates modern minds, the ideology of the ‘I,’ prevents most of us from seeing ourselves as products of the chronicle and choices of our predecessors.

Edward Ball

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations on your new baby!
    Question: Do you think the prophetic words in Ezekiel 38:22 applies to what is happening today as context of the end of the system of things and current pandemic. Also, see Luke 21:10-12 that explicitly describe the signs of the end of the system of things.


    1. Good day DeepBlue! Thank you for the congratulations. All is well at home, we’re just sleepless. Ha.

      But that’s a very good question, and a two sided one as well. I believe, and take my words with a grain of salt here, that deciphering the end times can be a tricky thing if we approach these verses outside of context and without proper hermeneutics or ways of studying and understanding said texts. Many of our contemporaries have taken it upon themselves to do such a thing and brought both shame to their faith community by dating Christ’s return and also crippling their faith body’s financial state because so many sought to sell their goods before the Lord’s return.

      I believe there are four major ways to interpret these texts when they relate to “end-times” like events and situations.

      Preterist approach (believe everything in scripture already happened)
      Historicist approach (Also believes what the prophets of old spoke of happened long ago)
      Futurist (Relates to what will happen in the near future)
      Idealist (Interprets these texts not so much as possible historical or future events but as principles of good and evil)

      I believe that when approaching these texts we have to compare them with what the author meant, what his audience perceived from it, and if there are distinct expressions of what will happen in a later date and if it will be an isolated event or a recurring one.

      When mention of war, nation rising against nation, and these apocalyptic type of descriptions we must understand that similar events have happened in the past but what the Bible alludes to, specifically in John’s Revelation is to an all consuming, worldwide, unstoppable, and ultimately world catastrophic sequences of events. Though we see some of these things in part, we do not see them in a chain of unstoppable sequences, yet.

      I hope this helps. Please, also give me your take on these same verses.


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