Race Riots: An American Heritage – Part I

Race riots are innate to the American experience. 

Book Review: After Evangelicalism

Distrust of higher education has been an enduring feature of fundamentalism and evangelicalism.

New Book Review: Life of a Klansman

Whiteness is not a deformation of thought, but a kind of thought itself.

New Book Review: Reparations – A Christian Call to Repentance and Repair

New Review Up & Running!

An Elegy: A Black Uprising Is Retaliatory, Not Instigative In Nature 

We are the blemish on their rise to power and the agency through which they will wash their hearts white.

Ravi Zacharias: Apologist, Intellectual, and Serial Predator?

This is one of the most difficult write-ups I’ve ever dared to compose because it involves the celebrated Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. The man has influenced believers worldwide, myself included, to think critically about their faith and bridge the heart and mind in pursuit of truth.  His talks at university forums have shaped the wayContinue reading “Ravi Zacharias: Apologist, Intellectual, and Serial Predator?”

unAmerican: The Day I Was Forced To Face The American Flag

Long Story Short I couldn’t help but relive an interesting memory of mine, one of absolute horror now that I look back at it, say, should it happen to my children. Now, for context, you must understand that this incident took place after a high school football game between Lely High School’s Trojans, my team,Continue reading “unAmerican: The Day I Was Forced To Face The American Flag”

Let Us Pray: Inauguration Day

Father, thank you for giving us the opportunity to know You. An opportunity to see that You are Love, You are Wise, and You are Just. In your Love,  We ask that you reintroduce kindness into our conversations, Compassion into our conduct toward one another, And brotherly love in the face of national adversity andContinue reading “Let Us Pray: Inauguration Day”

Repost: A Nation Divided

*These thoughts were originally written onto Facebook on January 10, 2017 as I reflected on the decadence of the American public square. Our continued dividedness is all that is needed to dismantle the fabric of our democratic society.* (By a Brazilian living in Canada speaking on the great and broken nation of the United StatesContinue reading “Repost: A Nation Divided”

An Ominous Comparison: Final Words – Hitler vs Trump

*Trigger warning: I wrote this article in haste in an attempt to persuade the reader that the current president of the United States of America is resorting to the same tactics another nefarious character (Adolf Hitler) did when he was on his way of out leadership and power. Read at your own discretion.* The AmericanContinue reading “An Ominous Comparison: Final Words – Hitler vs Trump”

Robert E. Lee Statue Comes Down and Americans Lose Their Mind

According to Forbes, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered the removal of confederate general Robert E. Lee’s statue from government grounds. Conservatives decried this move as an erasure of American history but I believe otherwise. The toppling of these statues, the statues of men who stood and fought for a reality where people like me remainContinue reading “Robert E. Lee Statue Comes Down and Americans Lose Their Mind”

Megachurches: Are They Necessary?

Take these words with a grain of salt and some hot sauce.