Let Us Pray: Inauguration Day

Father, thank you for giving us the opportunity to know You.

An opportunity to see that You are Love, You are Wise, and You are Just.

In your Love

We ask that you reintroduce kindness into our conversations,

Compassion into our conduct toward one another,

And brotherly love in the face of national adversity and unrest.

In your Wisdom,

We ask that you grant this nation’s leadership direction,

Allowing them to find and eradicate policies that halt progress,

And the wisdom to write newer and effective laws that protect life,

Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

In your Justice,

We ask that militias bent on instigating violence find no success,

That their efforts be frustrated,

Their groups disbanded,

Their leaders brought to justice,

And their hatred dissolved. 

Father, we understand that You have no favorite nation,

Your love does not favor one nation over another,

Your grace sends rain and life to the four corners of this earth;

Therefore we ask that you continue to bless all nations,

Every leader, tribe, and tongue with love, wisdom, and justice.

Lead us not into temptation,

Let us not fall prey to nationalism for fear of loss of identity,

Prey to fascism for want of power,

Prey to authoritarian rule for want of civility,

Prey to anarchy for want of justice. 

We ask that You bless the newly elected president and his vice-president,

That You instruct their heart and mind,

That You guide their footsteps in the direction of progress.

We ask, also, Father, that you bless the outgoing president, his family, and staff.

We pray that he find comfort in You in this moment of loss,

That no bitter bone be left in his body,

For bitterness festers in a loss. 

We pray that you restore his marriage, strengthen it, and bless his family.

That his wife may find the fortitude to look forward,

That his children may keep their head up and away from anger,

That his future may be one of philanthropic work,

In service of the less fortunate and destitute,

So that his wealth, which You have granted him, may be of service to others.

That his staff may find honest and integral work.

Please abolish hatred from our hearts. 

Abolish hatred and anger.

Abolish spite and resentment.

Abolish infighting and disgruntlement.

Abolish the want of vengeance for vengeance is Yours, O God.

Yours alone.

Please, Father, grant us Your Love, Your Wisdom, and Your incorruptible Justice,

Not just tomorrow, but forevermore.

Let not our will be done, but Yours.

We ask you these things,

In Jesus’ name.


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