Robert E. Lee Statue Comes Down and Americans Lose Their Mind

According to Forbes, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered the removal of confederate general Robert E. Lee’s statue from government grounds. Conservatives decried this move as an erasure of American history but I believe otherwise. The toppling of these statues, the statues of men who stood and fought for a reality where people like me remain in chains and utter subjugation to another person because of the color of my skin is a worthy iconoclastic endeavor. Statues of Lee and his many traitorous followers belong in museums, not on the grounds of government buildings.

Here are my thoughts on this article.

I’m curious as to why certain groups are upset with the removal, legal removal, that is, of Robert E. Lee’s statue?

We have footage of allied forces toppling, ripping, burning, and even exploding emblems of Nazi German across Europe because those symbols, those images, those flags, and swastikas stood for hatred, nationalist extremism, ruthless expansionism, work camps, extermination camps, and unholy, nearly unmentionable atrocities that occurred over thirteen years on time.

It has since been made illegal to own or brandish anything resembling that defunct nationalist reich unless you’re a museum. No symbol of that hideous empire is visible on government buildings but we are all very much educated on the fact that nazis existed.

So why is it that in America, a place where these atrocities, expansionist endeavors, work camps, extermination camps, family separation camps, chattel slavery industry flourished best and was later confronted and challenged, a place where reason shined its light of clarity, a place where one has unalienable rights so fearful of locking these treasonous, unpatriotic, rebellious racist industrialists into a museum where we can continue to learn from their hatred and mistakes from text books and more without having to see their miserable faces displayed on government buildings?

Why is it that post war Germany was able to come to terms with its defeat and destroy its many faults without destroying its soul but America celebrates its former traitors by erecting statues in their names for the sake of memory?

I don’t believe it’s memory that they’re after but worship, perhaps.

I commend and cheer the iconoclasts of old who toppled nazi images in Germany and I commend and cheer on the iconoclasts of today who move the statues of these infamous chattel slavery loving traitors into the darkest room of museums where they belong.

We won’t forget you Lee, the same way Jews won’t forget Hitler. Both filled with hate. Both bent on destroying their fellow man. Both failed. Both died in shame. And both will be remembered in history as vacuous minded traitors.

Unless, that is, you expect their vision of the world to return.


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