Repost: A Nation Divided

*These thoughts were originally written onto Facebook on January 10, 2017 as I reflected on the decadence of the American public square. Our continued dividedness is all that is needed to dismantle the fabric of our democratic society.*

(By a Brazilian living in Canada speaking on the great and broken nation of the United States of America)

In our day and age, we find a very disunited nation, the United States of America. Not one entirely divided by borders but one divided in thought and reality so it seems. Our journalists have lost their integrity. Our media outlets have been compromised by extreme bias. Our education system water-downed, meaning the educated bullies teach the uneducated victims thus leading our children and students to erroneous conclusions about learning in general. Our ethics and moral standards are so relative that the relativism of our day is viewed as objectivism. 

One news outlet will condemn a man shot by police while another outlet will condemn the officer of the same incident but neither network will agree on who was right or who was wrong. 

Half of our nation views the influx of refugees as a means to help a nation of people, a conglomeration of people through a crisis unprecedented and unimagined. They think that the refugees are people just like us who have been left behind and abandoned by the government and the sovereignty they once trusted. Yet, the other half of the nation believes these people to be illegals who do not merit the opportunity to enter the country simply because they face a crisis and that they may also pose a great danger to the well being and stability of the nation. 

Some believe drugs ought to be outlawed and kept away from society, yet they go to congress and manage to hike the price of another drug and deprive the user of a much-needed resource that they can no longer afford. Better still, we find those who are in favor of passing laws and opening the door for other drugs but refuse to comment or admit the horrible ramifications of what the smuggling of such drugs entail. 

Some view a baby in the womb as a sacred human life while others view the “it” in the uterus of a woman as the simple and eradicable product of conception. 

We fight so hard to protect American lives in the country and out of the country but pass laws that allow Americans to take their own lives. Redundant. 

How is it that the great and powerful United States of America believes it will continue to exist with its comfortable status in the platform of this world when half of the nation believes the president-elect to be the spawn of Satan and his opponent the mother of all things evil and deceitful? It is not just politics, it is an inherent division of the soul of this nation. 

How can it survive under such inner tension? With time, and time has proven many things true, we will understand that the fall of a nation this grand and powerful does not come from without but from within. It will not be the bombings and brutal and violent beheadings of ISIS, though such incidents trouble us it will not destroy us. It will not be the car bombs or suicide vests that ultimately ruin us. No. Nor will it be the rogue attacks on our schools, our children, and their teachers. It will not be the attacks on our movie theaters or our airports. No. 

What is in motion right now to destroy America is the often incendiary and ugly divisions that impede honest dialogue, true journalism, and good character in the public square. The depraved state of our national moral standards and the spiritual vacuums in the hearts of our people. 

Until we come together, sit at the table for some tea and discuss our differences in detail, with calm and respect, and decency, we will always find an excuse to ruin foreign nations instead of rebuilding our own. 

#ReasonAndFaithForPresident #LetsTalk

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