Demagogic Nature

We must take note of America’s unique ability to develop populist demagogues.

Let Us Pray: Inauguration Day

Father, thank you for giving us the opportunity to know You. An opportunity to see that You are Love, You are Wise, and You are Just. In your Love,  We ask that you reintroduce kindness into our conversations, Compassion into our conduct toward one another, And brotherly love in the face of national adversity andContinue reading “Let Us Pray: Inauguration Day”

An Ominous Comparison: Final Words – Hitler vs Trump

*Trigger warning: I wrote this article in haste in an attempt to persuade the reader that the current president of the United States of America is resorting to the same tactics another nefarious character (Adolf Hitler) did when he was on his way of out leadership and power. Read at your own discretion.* The AmericanContinue reading “An Ominous Comparison: Final Words – Hitler vs Trump”