Repost: A Nation Divided

*These thoughts were originally written onto Facebook on January 10, 2017 as I reflected on the decadence of the American public square. Our continued dividedness is all that is needed to dismantle the fabric of our democratic society.* (By a Brazilian living in Canada speaking on the great and broken nation of the United StatesContinue reading “Repost: A Nation Divided”

How Should We Treat Someone Who Has Left The Church For Good?

Notable Exits When reading Jon Steingard’s exit-Christianity manifesto I could hardly sit still as I wanted to reach through the screen and explain to him that he was wrong about so many things. How so many of his reasons for leaving Christianity, for abandoning faith, and yes, for leaving the multi-award-winning Christian rock band, HawkContinue reading “How Should We Treat Someone Who Has Left The Church For Good?”