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I Appreciate You!

Hello all,

Thank you for taking the time to follow this nascent blog and for reading through some of what is published here.

I’ve spent the last year tackling issues concerning race, history, church fluff, and relationship humor shenanigans. When I am not writing I am reading and when I’m too busy to read I’m listening to True Crime podcasts or audio dramas like We’re Alive, the fourth time through. It’s that great a series. I’m fascinated by the strangeness that makes people do what they do, good or bad, and how that strange gene is inside each one of us just waiting for a catalyst to push us on to something great or something entirely regrettable.

The Burden of History & The Curse of Heritage: A Review of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Racist History and Present Day Iconolatry of Slave Owners 

I Am A Neo-Evangelical: Here Is Why This Matters: “I have escaped neo-fundamentalist evangelicalism and walked out of mainline evangelicalism, by God’s grace, but I am nowhere close nor am I attracted to post-evangelicalism.” 

How To Argue With Your Wife: “Avoid her. Just don’t check your phone. Don’t take her calls and never, under any circumstance, respond to her messages. They’re book-length sermons at this point.” 

Intrinsic Value: “Intrinsic value is universal and supersedes temporal law and social norms.” 

This blog exists to help me develop my writers’ voice, which, to be honest, has been mute for the past 31 years of my life. So please forgive the grammatical inconsistencies and varied typos. I’m in training here.

I’m a Brazilian dilettante raised in America who now resides in Edmonton, Alberta. It’s cold here. It’s always cold here. So I write.

And if along this journey we develop a writing friendship then even better. Writers write best when they write in community. Isolation is not good for the mind and heart. 

I truly appreciate your presence and I hope we can learn more about one another. 

Please, time allowing, share something you’ve written recently that has truly rekindled your passion for writing and blogging. I’m interested in knowing more about you.

I’m excited to learn and laugh together. 

Olivet Theory

Featured Image by Magda Ehlers.

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