Dangerous Worship: Prosperity, Patriotism, Security, and Supremacy


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The Holy Post’s Phil Vischer interviews Dallas Theological Seminarian Kaitlyn Schiess on the Four False Political Gospels.

Kaitlyn is a cultural genius in understanding American history and our current political climate when it envelopes itself with both the American flag and the Bible.

She states that these four false narratives have taken a certain political ideology and its many followers captive: prosperity, patriotism, security, and supremacy.

In watching the RNC and listening to vice president Mike Pence refer to our pursuit of “Old Glory” and mentioning the flag as that glory gives the orthodox Christian chills.

No, not because we’re excited about Pence’s resolve but because he, like many Christian Americans, have warped Christianity proper into Christian nationalism.

This is not to chide the republican rally only, as the DNC has its own problems with the definition of life, values, and consistency regarding many other things.

But the greater issue is with the silent moral majority that has elevated a nation, its birth, constitution, prosperity, security, meritocracy, and exceptionalist sentiments above God Himself.

At this point, I believe we need to change the way we frame certain designations of parties and their affiliations to not confound Christianity proper with Christian nationalism.

So to my friends who watched the RNC and heard the lack of concern for human life outside the United States, the lack of concern for anyone who do not support the republican party, the lack of concern for the poor, any other political ideology, religion and etc, please know that this is NOT an orthodox Christianity at work.

Call it for what it is: religious nationalism or, as the republican party historically and erroneously refers to Islam, call this a geopolitical religious movement.

It is time for Christianity proper to rise above borders, political systems, groups, and tribalistic tendencies to take back the narrative of who Jesus is and what He came to accomplish within and without the United States of America.

Love God. Love neighbor.

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