The Cult of Q

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A look inside the destructive power of cult-think found within QAnon. It is strange how the most informed generation of all history is so susceptible to being misinformed.

What is saddening is that history repeats itself, yet again, in a witchhunt of sorts as QAnon followers find their target and pursue it at all costs. Throwing away their sanity, their ability to pursue the same avenue apart from the group, and their inability to distance themselves from the echo chambers they find so comforting and reassuring.

A cult, like a conspiracy, is almost always unfalsifiable when challenged.


We remember how the Spanish Inquisition set off hunting parties to bring in reformers, then deemed heretics worthy of death, to their execution. Later we find Puritans hunting witches behind every forest to burn them at the stake or drown them where they could. Later on, it was the satanic madness of the ’60s-’80s where every gruesome murder scene became a site of ritual and rites for the dark sides’ delectation.

And today, we find the mayhem of child trafficking and pedophiles in circles, running rampant, without challenge. There’s a child trafficker or pedophile behind every celebrity, behind every script and socialite. People are guilty by association no matter how little they know about the movement or the crimes of those they once knew. In denying your involvement with any particular crime you are already a criminal in the eyes of the movement because there is no amount of proof nor evidence sufficient to convince the masses otherwise.

For in revealing proof of someone’s innocence the movement will say the evidence was fabricated. Should an independent investigation be procured and the findings are the same then the private investigators are also complicit in the crime, being themselves devil worshipers, child offenders, and part of a cabal of all sorts of evil.

And demonstrating how cult-like the movement has become they will retort with “here is a link” or “lookup this video on youtube” to which you will say, “well here is a video I have found to counter that and prove it wrong.” And their response, as you would have guessed it is, “You need to research things for yourself. You’re sheeple.”

“Sheeple” is a derogatory term used by QAnon members directed at anyone who challenges their movement or its goal.

A cult, like a conspiracy, is almost always unfalsifiable when challenged. It wraps itself around an individual’s mind, it forms a group where the individual finds like-minded persons who will reverberate the same theories, no matter how outrageous and unprovable they are, and later bury themselves into it thinking they’re accomplishing something altruistic in nature all while solidifying their own demise.

Their intellectual demise.

Please consider pursuing justice for children, for minorities, for the unborn, for the immigrant, for the women and children who are in abusive circumstances OUTSIDE of groups like these that serve no other purpose than to Isolate, Indoctrinate and Enslave their followers.

Side note, the people most susceptible to QAnon cult-think today are charismatic evangelicals, conservative evangelicals, or individuals who mix biblical eschatology (end-times prophecy found in the book of Revelations) with modern-day conspiracy theories.


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