About Last Sunday: Message Notes and Other Things

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Traits of Abusive Leaders

We’re here to restore people to fellowship, not power, remember that. 

Short Post: Struggling With Numbness and Rage

I’m stuck in between numbness and rage in the face of continual abuse of power, denial of trauma and racism, denial of the legacy of racism and trauma, denial of abuse all around. 

Two Practical Steps to Prevent Narcissists from Becoming Pastors

“I don’t think that churches create narcissists. I think they give a platform for the narcissistic personality to flourish if they don’t have discerning skills.” – Scot McKnight So… I couldn’t help but think that we must develop a better way to root out dangerous individuals from our leadership structures. This sounds promising but itContinue reading “Two Practical Steps to Prevent Narcissists from Becoming Pastors”

My Top Ten Rules for Girl Dads (Or Soon To Be)

You’re soon to have your first daughter so you’re probably wondering what it is like to raise girls in the 21st century. Do girls grow apple branches out of their ears? Can they shatter glass when they raise their voice? Can girls fly?  And to anyone’s surprise, the answer can be yes to all three.Continue reading “My Top Ten Rules for Girl Dads (Or Soon To Be)”