When and where is racism ever acceptable?

Racism is the new ‘black magic’ and social media has become the arena on which we burn our new witches. If someone braves the allegation of perpetrating a racist act, they’re doomed. Without evidence or a  proper trial, ostracization is the only outcome. We condemn the innocent without their having a proper trial. They merit a disgraceful punishment on the chair of public cancellation without redemption. We crucify the accused without a shred of evidence. We then bathe ourselves in the sea of their damnation. All this to appease our conscience. An improper term, hostile gesture, or an unwise choice of hairstyling is all it takes. Innocuous behaviors merit individuals an unwarranted spot on the wall of racist infamy. There they will hang and rot with the likes of Hitler, Goebbels, Wallace, and Jefferson. 

Racist Americans are fearful that their cantankerous woke grandchildren will oust them. They presume we have become too unforgiving a generation. A generation that is too quick to judge and too quick to condemn. One that is slow to listen, to understand, and to forgive.  

The questions begin to flood the social sphere.

Where can a racist person live out their racist sentiments without the fear of public reprisal and invective? Where can a citizen of the free world express his most heartfelt sentiments? Ideas about outsiders and immigrants? Concerns about national purity without sugarcoating their statements through partisan talking points?

If you are an unfortunate soul struggling with these questions, then you have come to the right place. 

James Baldwin was a renowned erudite, poet, author, and activist of yesteryear. He once stated that what gives racism its grip and hold over society is not color alone but power. Here is one of his quotes on power and racism published in The New Yorker on November 9, 1962.

“In any case, white people, who had robbed black people of their liberty and who profited by this theft every hour that they lived, had no moral ground on which to stand. They had the judges, the juries, the shotguns, the law—in a word, power. But it was a criminal power, to be feared but not respected, and to be outwitted in any way whatsoever. And those virtues preached but not practiced by the white world were another means of holding Negroes in subjection.”

He speaks on the factor that makes racism more nefarious than other evils in the world: power. Without power, racism is but a feeling. It shrieks and shouts in a room that has no ears to hear it roar. It echoes into the nether. It becomes a fork without a handle or a spoon with a hole in the middle of it. Without power racism is ineffective.

Without power, racism is not racist. It is offensive only. I want to instruct my racist reader(s) on where he or she may disseminate his or her racist sentiments. Offer them a place where their ideas can flourish without fears of repercussion.

So, then, where can you be racist or where is it ever acceptable for you to be a racist man or a racist woman? 

Before I answer these and other questions you must understand something very important. There are many places where you CANNOT  express, live, and move as a racist human being. 

Let us explore these minefields together first. 

Law Enforcement and Military

You cannot join the police department and/or police academy if you harbor racist sentiments. Nor should you join the military if racism festers in your heart. 

These institutions grant you an overwhelming level of authority and power. Remember, racism is most nefarious when it has the power to drive hate forward and wield it over people. No other institution on earth grants you as much immediate access to power as does a badge or a uniform. 

You cannot be racist and responsible for protecting and serving a diverse community. You cannot hold racist sentiments while helping diverse communities abroad either. 

The power you have under that badge or that uniform can help or tarnish your reputation. Your racism soils the entity you represent. It can further reinforce the idea that institutions are corrupt. This conundrum subsists because you are perverting the badge or uniform without consequence. 

Law enforcement and the military do not mix with racism. 

Government, Legislative Branch, Judiciary Branch, Representative, Etc 

Your racist sentiments cannot exist in any of the above-mentioned positions. Your racist sentiments will infect your professional sphere and seep into your work. It will influence your decisions. This is not conducive to the well-being and social health of a diverse society. 

Should your racist sentiments come to light, ostracism is your reward.

These positions can create systems, laws, policies, and structures that exploit people. In your hands, they will exploit the vulnerable even further. 

Your position has the authority to control law enforcement and military forces. These institutions can then commit all sorts of wrongs under your command.

That does not help you in the long run. 

If you want to be a lawyer or a judge while espousing racist sentiments, you will fail. These antiquated prejudices will get you nowhere but a seat on the stage of public scrutiny. The higher the rank within the government you find the higher the risk. If you’re ever ousted, an expedited flight to Switzerland is your only saving grace. 

It might be safe to assume you’re a wealthy racist individual. But please avoid this sphere of influence. The greater your influence the hotter the human-sized boiler gets. This new generation has an irrational dislike of high-ranking government officials. Imagine the riot should they find out that you’re a racist government official. A rich one at that! It’s too great a risk.

Please, for your safety, refuse every opportunity to work within this industry. 

President, Prime Minister, or Chancellor

Now you’re wondering, is it impossible for a racist man or woman like myself to ever become a leader of the free world? No, it is not. 2016 happened in the United States of America and that end with an insurrection. Exactly. The last racist chancellor who waltzed into the chancellory role managed to cause a world war. We estimate that well over sixty million people lost their lives as a result. 

Racism is an unpalatable fashion (fascist) statement for presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors. Racist presidents of yesteryear would celebrate Klan terror. Woodrow Willson selected The Birth of a Nation as the first film to ever play in the White House. This film celebrated Klansmen’s terrorism in the South. The plot surrounded the protection of white female purity from ‘marauding blacks.’ The only black people in the film were white men in ‘black face.’   

Again, every time we have a racist national leader we can see a spike in exploitative policies. The people whom they hold the harshest ideas about end up suffering the most. They perish in concentration camps, pogroms, or death camps. They’re relocated to reservations, residential schools, or internment camps. Forced to migrate through the transatlantic slave trade or racist deportation cycles.  Experiencing the pains of colonization, cultural genocide, lynching trees, and more. 

You wouldn’t want the deaths of thousands of innocent souls on your conscience, would you? Exactly. So please, for everyone’s sake, avoid these positions of power at all costs.

Clergy, Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Bishops, Revivalists, Evangelists, Clerics, Priests, Etc

Are you a Christian? If the answer is yes, then, by all holy writ you are not allowed to be racist and a Christian. The two do not mix. I mean, Jesus is a dark-skinned Jew from Israel-Palestine. 

Now, if your answer is ‘no’ to that question then this complicates things. You’re now stuck with the conundrum of differing worldviews. Religious systems that may or may not challenge your racist sentiments. 

As a Christian, I follow Jesus’s advice on these issues. I am comfortable discussing Christian ethics and values. Time spent studying the life and purpose of Jesus has helped mold my moral worldview. Christianity points a person away from an individualistic lifestyle toward love-centered altruism. Racism cannot exist within a regenerated conscience. Racist sentiments are at odds with the commands of Jesus.

I’m comfortable condemning racism because I’m comfortable with Christ’s love ethic. There’s no room for racism in Christianity. If one is racist they are not Christian. They’re racist-ians.  

Now, to dispel racism with Islam you need to converse with an imam or a caliph. If you want to inquire about racism in Buddhism you must speak with a monk. Condemnation of racism in Judaism comes from the Torah. If you’re struggling with racist sentiments as a Sikh you must sit with a guru for advice. In Taoism, you’re at the intellectual mercy of an abbot or a provost. For moral clarity or confusion in atheism, you sit at the feet of Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, or Hitchens. I’m not sure any of these blokes can offer a succinct refutation of racism. In a world where social Darwinism is king then some races succeed and others perish. 

I’m being crass but at least I’m not a jerk. Yes, I’m talking to you, Dawkins.


Now, back to racism, Christianity, and clergy. 

If you identify as a racist individual you cannot, under any circumstance, lead a church. Are you evaluating people by the color of their skin? Listening to the cries of one race over another? Are you willing to segregate your congregation based on race? Do you use pejorative terms when referring to immigrants? Have you recently renewed your subscription to the Klan? The White League? The Knights of the White Camellia? The Knights of the Golden Circle? Was that tattoo you got a year ago a swastika? Does your YouTube video history consist of people attacking refuge migrants? 

Congratulations! You’re a racist person. 

And still, you’re disqualified from church leadership.

But don’t fret, this is a great thing. A benevolent act of God on your behalf. 

What do I mean? 

Christianity condemns ethnocentrism; which boasts of cultural or ethnic superiority. It shuns xenocentrism; which wallows in cultural or ethnic inferiority. This faith denounces classism, sexism, and yes, racism. The examples of these misfortunes you witness in history are deviations. Perversions of divine literature, obfuscations of love, truth, hope, faithfulness, and altruism. Abuse of power and the abuse of people made in the image of God, Imago Dei, is damnable. 

So, if you don a cassock, stand behind a lectern, and recite a homily whilst racist at heart, you’re a fool. Your only accomplishment is redressing hate with tulips and roses. You’re upgrading your trip to hell from economy to first-class. This is not to your benefit, my dear racist reader. 

A healthy hermeneutic and a racist heart are incongruent with the Christian faith. Your theological orthodoxy is rotten if racism sits comfortably in your sermon notes. Your faith tradition is moldy, sick, and broken if racists live unconvicted of their sin while in your church. And in spreading racism to children you’re better off tying one end of a rope around your neck and the other around a heavy stone and jumping off the side of a bridge. Because what else would kids learn from your Sunday school programs? About Jesus? In part, yes. A racialized Jesus, a deity used to promote one race and diminish the worth of others. Grab the noose, minister. Your gospel is poison.  

Racism and the pulpit produce structures that denigrate and devastate. From chattel slavery to Jim Crow. Segregation to race-based insurrections. Evil committed in the name of Jesus with the blood of innocent people on your hands. 

It is reflective of no one but the devil.  

Racism and the church don’t mix.

Management, Professorship, Teaching, and Parenting

Now, this last category is broad. I want to drive home the point that there are far more places where racism is not allowed than places where it is. Fox News is a prime example of where it is not only allowed but where it becomes quite a lucrative endeavor. Fox News is not covered under this category. Fox News is its own category of horrors and filth. But I’ll leave that for another post another day.

Let’s return to our pressing issues.

Are you qualified to supervise a construction workforce? Have you graduated with honors and are now eligible to teach university students? Do you love teaching children about geography, social studies, and biology? Do you hope to someday rear a child into this world? 

If your answer was yes to any of those questions you cannot, as a racist, do any of them. 

Your racism disqualifies you from them.

What do I mean? 

Each of those positions affords you unchallenged power. Unchallenged for some time, I mean. It may take years before your racist antics face repudiation. By then, your ideas may have influenced colleagues, students, and children for decades. Who, unbeknownst to them, believed that racism was normal. That covert racism was okay. That racism was acceptable in the workplace, in school, and at home. 

Research shows that racism and power afford us nothing but disaster and death. If you infuse racism into management you’re left with lawsuits and litigations. Racism in higher learning creates incomplete intellectuals. Racism at home breeds hatred and trauma. Cognitive dissonance becomes the method by which your children cope with reality. In the face of overwhelming evidence, they turn to darkness for comfort. You are that darkness and the comfort you give is poison. 

You’re sapping your workspace of diversity. You’re corrupting our academic circles. And you’re killing your kids. 

Consider the lifestyle of the surviving children of Nazi war criminals. Examine their shame. See how much love they have lost for their parents. Appreciate their courage in denouncing their parents’ racism. See how much trauma they have endured, the extent some of them went to never procreate.

Consider the damage your racism will cause the next generation. 

Your children need a healthy environment in which to grow. A racist parent is not conducive to a healthy environment at home. 

If you’re granted power in any of these categories then our world has failed you. You will only lend a hand in further indoctrinating and brainwashing our society. 

In other terms, you make more disciples of yourself. Devils, in short. 

Coworkers may challenge your behaviors but will be unable to confront you because you’re the boss. You’re the HR personnel. You’re the managing supervisor. You’re the CEO! Who’s ever going to question you? So, this category is too risky for your racist sentiments. 

And if you think about it, you’re racist because your parents were racist as well. Otherwise, you learned your racism from Fox News. 

Kids do not have the know-how to decipher whether mom or dad are full of evil in their hearts. They trust you with their entire existence so what you tell them is ‘Bible.’ 

And racism, come to think of it, is evil. So if you want to be a good parent you cannot be a racist parent, so, you shouldn’t become one. 


So you’re left wondering: Where can I be racist and free? I don’t hate so-and-so but I dislike them in my country. Where can I go to be myself? To be racist without consequence? 

No. Not the Republican party, as tempting as it sounds. There’s plenty of that already there but we’re trying to divest that system of its venomous racism.

The answer, however, is crystal clear. You can espouse racism freely as long as you are not in a position of power, influence, authority, or control. 

If you have power, influence, authority, or the ability to control anyone, even Mr. Wrinkles; that ugly swastika patterned collar sock-wearing dog of yours, you have failed this test. 

You cannot be racist and integrated into society. You will in one way or another influence your workforce. Disrupt your community. Indoctrinate your family. Brainwash your social (media) sphere thus further disseminating your racist nonsense. 

The only place left for you, Mr. or Mrs. Racist is that lazy boy in your basement. That place where rats once occupied. The place where hopes and dreams go to die. Where mold grows on the walls and trash is left uncollected. Where rusty pipes are days away from bursting. Where an imminent flood is due. Where no light can reach, where depression festers, and where darkness lurks. 

That’s your safe haven. There you can find your sanctuary. Worship your dead racist heroes in that pit of sorrows.  

 You’re free to lock yourself down there. Free to salute the images of dead dictators ad nauseam. Paint the walls red and black. Pink, even. I hear that’s the new thing now with the Boogaloo crowd.  

 You can do your ten push-ups in hopes of joining some sort of failed insurgency. Plaster your flags of defeated armies on the wall, because every racist nation ends up losing. It’s history. 

And there, from the lowest point of your life, you can be as free a racist as you want to be. 

The day you grow tired of blabbering about scientific racism you can come out. When you’re tired of rekindling the flame of Lost Causes, you can leave that dungeon. Once you’re done throwing a racist tantrum you can come out of time out. Rejoin society. Our diverse society.

But remember, you cannot, for fear of public repudiation, live out your racism in public. 

The moment you do the fires are burning and the witch hunters are hunting for more wood for their fires. 

You are the wood for their fires and you will disintegrate into social oblivion. 

If you think they are harsh then consider racism’s legacy.

Do you see the blood? The devastation? Good. Never forget it.

Social ostracization as your only punishment is merciful.

So, if you want to be racist, go back to your basement. 

And take your racist leader, Donald Trump, with you.  

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