100th Blog Post!

On Love

I dedicate my one-hundredth blog post to my lovely wife, Irma.

One hundred blog posts, hundreds of hours of research, and near the same amount of time dedicated to writing and possibly double that in editing alone all pale in comparison to the time spent with my wife.

Every word I dedicate to public knowledge, every thought I manage to scribble onto paper or type into a computer in hopes of producing something intelligible and worth sharing is because my wife has supported me in this effort. 

The effort? To clear my mind through journaling, albeit public and communal journaling on things surrounding life, love, theology, and history. It’s my catharsis.

Her intellect has been a point of reference as I grow with every conversation we have on the topics I research.

Thomas Merton once said, “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” 

It is disadvantageous to the writer, myself included in that category albeit in the nascent stages of writing, to presume that fame, prestige, and legendary status be the utmost goal in life. 

I have found love in this true destiny of which the initial and end goal is love itself. 

I have found it thanks to my wife. 

Thank you, my love, for being so amazing and encouraging.

Other desires and aspirations, again, pale in comparison. 

I have my love, my girls, and my books. 

One day, I’ll write my own book or several. Until then I will continue to express that which is stuck and pressing in my heart and mind on here. 

And, of course, I have my Christ and He has me. It all works out just fine in the end no matter how it ends.

This gives me comfort.   

On to post #101! On to the many things I will cover and we will discuss together. 

Thank you for reading these stories, ideas, and thoughts. Thank you for visiting the innermost thoughts and sentiments of a capricious writer.

Yours truly, 

Olivet Theory

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