Olivet Theory’s Bad Advice Series: Chapter 1

Welcome to Olivet Theory’s Bad Advice series where we give you the worst possible advice on just about anything concerning your family life, parenting, romance, money management, faith, and social interactions. Advice that is so poor that you’ll have no choice but to do the exact opposite of what is mentioned here.

Bad Advice Topic of the Day: Life is too short to hold grudges, therefore…

Therefore, take his kids away from him and hold them hostage, whenever you feel emotionally or financially drained. Use your kids as leverage to disadvantage the father of your children and traumatize your kids for life.

This will not only make you more miserable but your misery will affect generations to come. 

Your son(s) will become emotionally unstable and abusive individuals who long for a father but are robbed of one by their mother. Your daughter(s) will become emotionally destructive individuals who will seek out a father in other men, preferably that abusive boyfriend you’ve been seeing on and off. 

And yes, buy that man more beer. Don’t charge him rent, either. Boundaries? No need for those. 

Also, deadbeat dads, do your best to stay as far as possible from your children for as long as possible. Abandoning them at an early age sets them on the path of self-destructive patterns that they’ll regret undertaking later in life.

That’s the point. 

Make them hate the world. Make them think they’re the reason you left. 

Father’s day? Don’t show up. Fourth of July/Canada Day? Don’t even celebrate it. Thanksgiving? Give them nothing to be thankful for. Christmas? Show up for a few minutes, ask your kids for a couple of dollars, cash, and leave with your new girlfriend before anyone says grace.

That’s the spirit. 

So, life is too short to hold grudges so go right ahead and make things worse for just about everyone else. 

Thank you for tuning in to Olivet Theory’s Bad Advice. Stay tuned for more from this series as we cover, scream at your kids every day; go ahead, apply for that loan; date two women at the same time; drink and drive, and more.

We’re glad you came and we’re glad you will do the opposite of what we advise. 

Have yourself a miserable day. 

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