Big 30! Thank you for following Olivet Theory!


Big 30! 

Hello everyone,

My name is Jarrel, as you may have guessed, maybe not. I wanted to stop what I was doing to thank you all for following Olivet Theory. 

This blog is but a medium through which I express my frustrations, flaws, and faults, and sometimes you’ll find a bit of humor and knowledge concerning matters of faith, Christianity, family, advice, and a few nonsensical things not very much worth reading about. 

Either way, thank you for tagging along and I hope we can link up, somehow, over something or some project or topic, to better educate one another and build new friendships. 

Please reach out to me if you believe you have something worth sharing and perhaps we can share it together. 

Thank you,

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My name is Jarrel and I'm a lover of words, people, odd behaviors, theology, independent films, all-immersive RPGs, Christian metal, podcasts, and history. Not in that order. I'm a writer... in training. Let’s read and talk about things together. This is my Olivet Theory. Husband - Dad - Dude

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