The Election, QAnon Evangelical Conservatives, and Babies


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A bit of light reading and humor for the soul in the face of another American civil war. Maybe.

The Election

As we stand, Joe Biden has 264 electoral votes and Donald Trump has 214. This information is brought to us by AP News. 

Depending on which side of things you’re on, this is either news or fake news. That should be indicative of which side of things you’re on.

One thing is certain and that is how uncertain this election season has been. No matter who wins this all-too-envious seat of power the nation will remain fractured. This is sad news. 

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska have sided with President Trump. (Not every vote has been counted yet.) I do not condemn their choice, more so their motives. Always look for a motive, people. One should never accept a choice for what it is without giving thought to the motives of the choice maker. People make decisions based on preconceived notions and not on facts alone. Confirmation bias, like the bias I am exhibiting right now, is a tough shell to crack. 

But one thing is certain, the 2020 presidential race, debates, vitriol, and election have been some of the more tenebrous and animus inducing seasons of Humanity 101. History has shown us that the more divided a country becomes the higher the chance for civil unrest. 

While some of us are prepping for Civil War II others are prepping for Civil War Memedom.  

And in all honesty, I don’t believe the US could survive a civil war at this point. The country is too fractured in too many ways to form divisions strong enough to fight. Plus, the majority of Americans cannot go two weeks without a visit to a hair salon or a grocery store without losing their minds so imagine two, three, or ten years of infighting, shootings, arson, anarchy, martial law, and such. Yeah, common citizens, militias, police forces, federal agencies, and the military are not prepared for a Civil War.

And honestly? I don’t believe they want it either. I’m sure certain militia groups would… like the extremists and supremacist insurgents that hide behind balaclavas, bulletproof vests, don’t tread on me shirts, sunglasses that shield their eyes from cameras as their patriotic tears run down their faces, military-esque (-esque because, second-hand or homemade by mom) attire and the like would love a firefight in the public square.

These pseudo-militants are cowards, really, who want nothing more than to force their way into power and ostracize people they do not like, say, people of color and people who do not share in their pursuits of nationalistic exceptionalism. 

QAnon Evangelical Conservatives

I’m not in favor of big tech shutting down opposing voices or the government acting as a silencing machine when they find a source of information they deem unfit to speak. That’s fascism at best. Intimidating dissenters and political opposition is a bad way of doing democracy. We’ve seen it in fascist Italy under Il Duce, Benito Mussolini. We’ve seen the silencing of media take place in Nazi Germany under the prowess and eccentricity of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Hey, we’ve seen it in Brazil when the nation capitulated to military dictatorship. We’ve seen it in the US for nearly four hundred years! More to come on that in a later blog post.

Censorship is bad. You know what, censorship is possibly a violation of human rights.

But… you knew there was a but coming didn’t ya? 

But I agree that when propaganda begins to spread like wildfire it is good to expose it, fact-check it, repudiate it, and nullify it where ever one finds it. I’m in favor of a well-meaning, healthy-thinking, intelligent populace confronting and dismissing propaganda and falsehoods as much as possible. 

I’d prefer the well-informed people approach as they challenge falsehoods instead of government entities controlling news stations and social media platforms. There. That’s what I mean. I’m not a fascist, but I am a fashionista. Not a good one because I’m broke at the moment but I’ll bounce back. I’m not in favor of censorship, but I do censor my words and thoughts so as not to sound foolish or crass. 

And this brings us to QAnon, evangelicals, and conservatives. It’s almost as if we can call it all one thing! The QEvanCons!

The Rise of the QEvanCons!

Please do not say that aloud. I’m serious.

The closer we get to a reality where the Biden-Harris ticket wins, the further we are from cultic behaviorisms, the better we become in denouncing vitriol in the public office, and strangely enough, the more animated these QAnon evangelical conservative conspiracy circles become.

That was a mouth full. Or, type full. Whatever. 

Facebook shut down one of these major QAnon pages on its platform because certain individuals within these groups began to promote dangerous theories, possible riotous endeavors, violence toward political opponents, unsubstantiated theories, or better understood as conspiracy theories that ultimately caught the eye of the FBI.

If Donald Trump were ahead in the polls, numbers, ballots, popular votes, and electoral votes I am sure QEvanCons would have been shouting and celebrating from their rooftops, AR-15 in one hand, and a King James Bible in the other. They would have claimed victory over the cabal of child molesters, sex traffickers, and Satanists. 

I am so clueless as to how they think the President is the most qualified person to fight off these droves of criminals when the president’s very close circle of friends consists of these very same black hearted individuals. 

I’m all in favor of the police force and federal agencies taking down child molesters, grown-up molesters, fashion offenders, and more. Yes. Arrest them. Accumulate evidence. Try them in court. Convict them. And sentence them to many, many years behind bars until they possibly understand the gravity of their crimes, repent of their actions, come to terms with their evils, and if, should the law allow, they are re-introduced into society as changed people, under constant surveillance, of course. 

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

But the whole satanist thing… yeah I’m not sure about that. QEvanCons typically get their understanding of the Bible from YouTube conspiracy theorists who haven’t spent a day under the tutorship of an accredited Christian university or college professor. 

Their theology is more Hollywood based than it is biblical so when they tell us that there is a secret entity, a high society, an echelon of Satanists, a cabal of devil worshippers out there working together to rape children… listen, man, the devil doesn’t even have to be involved in that stuff for it to happen. 

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago 

The horror! The horror!” Demigod Mr. Kurtz’s last words to Charles Marlow explaining the meaning of life through the eyes of a populist extremist. Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad

So I’m not quite sure why people want to peg so much on the devil when they’re the ones whose hands are covered in blood, in fact, the blood of their victim was present in their heart before they made effort to kill them. 

So why QEvanCons are so caught up in waiting for Donald Trump to win a second term in order to destroy the devil’s work on earth? This is so dumb.

Mankind will continue to commit these horrific crimes no matter the administration in power. The wealthy ones (Epstein) will get off with a slap on the wrist (I know he’s dead but his first stretch behind bars was mockable, at best), the affluent ones (Brock Turner) will go on with their collegiate studies and life. The pauper offender will be sentenced to life. The negro offender will be beaten to death or lynched by police before ever setting foot inside a courtroom. 

Offenders will offend until the end of the world. Which may just happen if Trump wins a second term. 

Either way, QEvanCons have been sketchy with their theories about the elections as well. They’re making waves again via Twitter, Instagram, Parler, Southern Baptist Conventions, and yes, dumpster fires about our all-too-flawed system. Flawed because their supreme leader is not in the lead and the landslide that was prophesied by political analysts of the right is nowhere to be seen.  

And they believe that if Joe Biden wins this presidential race then he is the spawn of the devil or at a child sniffing demon from the bowels of hell. How bizarre. 

Such a vacuous perception of reality. And the more one confronts this cult, QEvanCons, the more numerous they become. It’s like putting an oil fire out with water, whilst being on fire, and cooking over lava. 

Can’t confront a fool in their folly otherwise we become just like them. 

Truth, reason, critical thinking, and decency have no place in QEvanCon circles. 


In less cultic news, I’m having a baby soon! Well… I’m a dude, so the wifey is having a baby soon. 

The little one will be our third baby, another girl. All girls. I’m what they call a Girl Dad. I’ve always seen myself as a lady’s man, a hunk, a handsome bloke, a black Bond without the royal coin and dapper suits, but there is greater pride, honor, and shotgun shells in being a Girl Dad. 

And I’m fine with that. All of it. I’m proud of my girls. I will always be proud of them. Even though I know so little of who they will become later in life. 

We’re just a week or two away from meeting this beautiful little soul and my wife thinks we don’t have a name or, as she states, “You know how we spoke about one or two names and how we’re not so sure about those names anymore.”

SHE is not so sure about those names anymore.

I’m sure. Certain even. I’m solid. Well, solidly stuck between two very beautiful names that I will leave unmentioned for now.

I’ll wait to see my little pearl first before bestowing her with the name that will appear on her social media account, driver’s license, and QEvanCon’s new nationally recognized ID papers after Trump eradicates the constitution, the legislative and the judicial branches of government to become president and demigod for life. 

Either way, no matter how bad the world becomes or how much more aware of a bad world we are, looking into the eyes of a child, of a baby, is like looking into the eyes of existence itself. 


Can’t wait to meet you my little Sarah Connor to-be. You’ll bring Skynet down and with it, QEvanCons. 

God willing. 


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