How “Policy Over Character” Destroys Our Christian Witness

WARNING: This is a political, cultural, and religious post. Read at your own discretion.

*This mini-diatribe was written as a result of my watching a video of American attorney, political commentator, and author, David French commenting on the state of American evangelical hypocrisy in voting for a candidate who not only misrepresents godly biblical character but tarnishes the name of Christ with impunity.*

Please watch his video for context.

David French, a voice of reason in the wilderness of our politically convoluted and criminally divisive culture extends an admonishment, a corrective response to Christians who willfully condemned moral failure in public office in 1998 but have soiled their witness in 2016 and will do so again in 2020 for a bowl of porridge.

The preservation of life and religious liberty notes are important factors but it is ludicrous to think one man and a few Supreme Court justices will reverse the tide of our times.

Christians, no, allow me to correct that moniker, otherwise, I sully the name of Christ.

White evangelicals within the United States have lost their witness to the world by voting for a vile and abusive bully who paid a porn star hush money to keep his affair a secret. This man is an incendiary dumpster fire of lies and for evangelicals to cast their hopes and dreams on his ballot is not only sacrilegious but in line with the religion of the people who vote him in.

Spoiler, it isn’t Christianity Proper.

Like the Christians of old who would praise God from high steeples come Sunday and later, on the same day, whip the backs of their slaves till the flesh was visible, are these evangelicals today?

Like the Christians of old who elected a chancellor into authoritarian rule over Germany in the name of national prosperity and ethnic preservation are these evangelicals who have sold their integrity for a bowl of capitalist comfort and peace porridge.

Whereas character superseded policy in 1998, today, policy supersedes character.

The days are gone, and perhaps this is a good thing, where people would approach an evangelical for honest work, integral judgment, transparent accounting, honorable effort, respectable circles of influence, meek and kind character, upstanding citizenry, patriotism that didn’t denounce or diminish foreigners, Christlike love of all men, women, and children, legal or illegal, law-abiding and preservers of the peace and moral framework of the society local and society as a whole.

Gone are those days.

Gone are the days where evangelicals could pull together, hold hands, and cross elbows to march against injustice everywhere. Where they would cross a bridge only to be met with batons and maul-ready police dogs. Where they would sit-in in silent protest against wrongs. Where they would decry injustice and discriminatory policies, politicians, statesmen, and ministers everywhere.

Gone is the evangelical witness because they have elected and look forward to re-electing a man who represents nothing of the Christ they so oft speak so kindly of.

If anyone were to ask where my allegiance on this political sphere lay I would tell them on neither of the candidates. I’m not condoning a world where I must accept one of two evils when I am in fact accepting an evil and am comfortable with that.

The difference is that in 2016 Trump was seen as a lesser of two evils by evangelicals and in a mere three, almost four years, he is a saint, a miracle worker, a pious, God-fearing, Christ-loving, bible holding a white man who wants nothing more than to bring Gods reign to earth.

How little is required for us to sell our soul in the name of policy?

Curious if Hitler were resurrected, forced onto a three-legged stool and forced to recite, “Pro-life and religious liberty!” If evangelicals would accept him.

I’m sure they would. “He has changed,” they say. “He’s for God and country now. He has my vote.”

If Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mussolini, or Castro were to stand on the plains of American evangelicalism and cite the same empty, pointless, and cyclical notes of modern-day evangelicals I am, without a shadow of a doubt, and to my great exasperation, ashamed to admit that white evangelicals would emphatically vote any if not all of them into an office and keep them there and maintain power and control of American politics until Christ’s return.

How damning.

No wonder Christ, Himself, asked of his disciples, “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on earth?”

He will. But not faith in Him. Faith will be on a politician who is a new messiah for American evangelicals.

All in all, the defense of Trumpism in evangelical circles today is just as embarrassing as Christians defending their right to own slaves in the antebellum south.

Anti-intellectualism is alive and well within evangelical America and it shows by how and who they vote for.

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