Mother’s Day

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We have set aside a day to celebrate mothers worldwide. A day well worth its name, celebrated by billions globally and forever engrained into our multi-ethnic society. Mother’s Day is not just a day where we honor our biological or adoptive mother but it is also a day in which we value her strength. 

Mothers are blessed with the responsibility of raising a child and molding their character to become the most successful individual they could possibly be. 

With this in mind, a mother may not be the biological parent to that child. God can weave a woman’s course in life to place her over a child she did not give birth to but He gives her the strength to rear that child in the correct way. She imparts into that child her heart. She accomplishes this because of the tenderness of her heart and loving-kindness of her soul. 

Our God is the God of all. The God of the biological mother and the adoptive mother. To the mother who is married and the one who has lost a husband or is without a husband. Our God watches over them all and guides them all. 

Looking to our Bible we find mothers from every walk of life, in poverty and in wealth; in strength and in weakness; in holiness and in filth. From nobility to instability, the Bible does not shy away from the complex beauty of humanity, especially when referencing a mother.

Let us make mention of mother’s long past, whose names have endured millennia to reach us and bless us with their stories.

We remember Eve, the mother of all mothers.

We remember Sarah, the woman who laughed; the mother of many nations.

We remember Hagar, for God remembered her and blessed her.

We remember Rachel, the barren woman who conceived by the grace of God. 

We remember Deborah, the judge and ruler of a nation. 

We remember Miriam, a singer of songs to the Hebrews.

We remember Huldah, a prophetess of God who resided in Jerusalem.

We remember the unnamed prophetess who married the prophet Isaiah and bore him children of distinction.

We remember Rahab, the prostitute, who had son and named him Boaz. She is in the family line of Christ.

We remember Naomi, who led a foreigner through uncertain times.

We remember Ruth, the Moabite, a resilient woman who endured loss and later became the great-grandmother of King David.

We remember the Noble Mother honored in Proverbs 31, who is financially stable, a woman with wisdom to spare, and one who can laugh at days to come.

We remember Mary, the mother of Jesus on earth, her unwavering faith in God.

We remember Elizabeth, the blameless and barren woman who birthed and raised Jesus’ forerunner, John the Baptist. 

We remember the mothers of old and we honor the mothers of this day. They are blessed, wise, strong, successful, loved, intelligent, and stable. These same mothers are vulnerable, at times afraid, uncertain, ignored, and mortal. 

All in all, God has given us these wonderful gifts, the women who set aside time and effort to educate, entertain, care for, protect and raise people who may at times never say a, “Thank you” in return.

Set aside a moment to honor the woman who has raised you. A thank you, a smile, a hug, flowers, or simply a conversation where her honor and character are praised.

Mothers the world over, we honor and love you. We pray Christ may continue to strengthen you in your efforts and that you rest in His care well knowing your efforts are not in vain. You care and raise children that belong to God. He has honored you with this amazing responsibility. He will not forget your service. He will not forget your sacrifice. 

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58


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