Brutal Slavery. Brutal Abortion.


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A controversial hot topic worth discussing, not avoiding: Abortion

   I “feel” as if Americans today hold on to their constitutional right to abort a pregnancy like Americans of old held onto their constitutional right to own slaves. 

   Let us not forget that many in the “south” believed that owning slaves was no different than owning property and the mistreatment or “punishment” of said slaves was not only allowed but in some cases lauded by authorities. 

    Slave ownership was a pride of the American colonialist enterprise until several men and women stood against an empire of lucrative evil to make a difference. One orator, abolitionist of the time said:

“The constitution of our forefathers was a mistake. Tear it in pieces and make a better. Don’t say the machine is out of order; it is in order; it does what its framers intended – protect slavery.”

Wendell Phillips

   I am brutish enough to equate the protection of slave ownership in the south then to the protection of abortion now; one’s right to kill someone else. The American Civil War cost over 600,000 lives. Some fought for “states rights” which was a guise to their right to own slaves and prevent the federal government from imposing its foot into their evil ways. While many white, black, native and Latin Americans gave their lives to end a man’s right to own another man under the basis of race; or anything for that matter. 

   Abortion was, is and will continue to be the plague of our generation and the one to come until we too take a stand to fight an evil so prevalent in our time; even if that fights costs us our social standing, professional status and etc. Why must we allow ourselves to believe, like the white Americans of antiquity, that causing the death of another human being ought to be an inalienable constitutional right? 

   Allow me to quote one of the purveyors of the abortion movement in the United States, the founder of the at the time infant but now fully mature, Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger:

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” 

And I quote:

“Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

And I quote

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

   When did Americans in the far south come to their senses that not only was slavery a malignant tumor attached to the spine of the country but that racism was a disease running rampant in its bloodstream? To this very day, we battle racism in America; sentiments and ideas left over from antiquity. It is not a battle easily won but one definitely worth fighting. And Americans of all colors fought this civil war, at risk of their lives, for the protection of all life.

   We needn’t another civil war to end abortion. We need heroes from both sides of the political sphere to come together and work on solutions for our children and the parents who raise them. We need republicans who will stand up for children that are born and then thrown into a system of modern-day slavery and abuse. We need Democrats who will fight not only to abolish the death penalty because they value human life; to fight not only for immigrants and refugees because they value human life; not only for transgender and homosexual people because they want to prevent suicide because they value life. 

   No. We need democrats to ALSO fight for the silent, vulnerable, defenseless person growing within a mother’s womb. Someone who also is deserving of life because Democrats value human life. 

   Perhaps, to win this war against abortion, the unlawful and immoral killing of innocents in the womb, we ought to have Republicans and Democrats switch sides. That way Republicans fight for social reform for the misfortunate and the Democrats fight for the right to life for all people; regardless of their social, financial, emotional, or whatever circumstance. 

   Abortion, like slavery, must be abolished for no other reason than it is an evil we can do without. Imagine how many lives we could save if we defund planned parenthood and the government subsidies and public donations that were at once given to it are then transferred and dispersed evenly to the parents and families who want to adopt but cannot afford the process. To institutions that can be meritorious to unwanted children. To foster homes that benefit the children lodged in them. We can do it. We can revamp this system of continued loss of life, hopelessness, and shame. We can revamp society to welcome unwanted children. A society that can care for mothers who are unable or simply unwilling to lift up their children. 

   We can do better. We can do better together, without death. Without abortion.

… the fight for life continues. 


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